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Wear Button/Donuts

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Wear Buttons are designed specifically for easy and adaptive installation onto a wide range of wear problem areas.Very easy to use, no pre or post heating when welding. Available in diameters from 60mm up to 150mm. Develop your own layout and pattern to suit your particular wear protection solution.

Wear Buttons are often used to prevent wear in localised trouble spots on heavy earth moving equipment, particularly on construction and mining buckets. Specific applications are: 

 • Quick fix for localized wear trouble areas.

 • Transfer points

 • Mining and construction buckets

 • Ground engaging tools

Perfect solution for ground engaging applications as on adaptor teech, shovels, buckets, heavy earth moving equipment etc. Can well use them in conjunction with Chocky Bars, Wear Plates or individually to provide protection or security under the toughest impact and wear abrasion circumstances. 


They are often effectively used on a variety of buckets, loaders, excavators, earth moving equipment, draglines and bolt protection etc. with any layout of pattern designed to suit your particular wear area, providing maximum protection and security while minimizing the effects of heavy impact.

Wear Donuts can be made to different sizes as required

ITEM NO.Size(mm)DimensionN.W(kg)
WB 60dia.60x27 
WB 75dia.75x27752717100.9
WB 90dia.90x27902717101.4
WB 110dia.110x321103220122.1
WB 115dia.115x321153220122.5
WB 150dia.150x411504125165.7

ITEM NO.Size(mm)DimensionN.W(kg)
WD 75dia.75x257525178250.7
WD 100Adia.100x2510025178501
WD 100Bdia.100x3210032248701
WD 130dia.130x2313023158801.3
WD 148dia.148x351483525101082.2



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