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Hyster's laminated wear bar products are a composite material comprising of a chromium-molybdenum, abrasion resistant, white iron casting, metallurgically bonded to a weldable mild steel backing plate. The white iron casting is a superior wear resistant product, containing hard chromium carbides, typically 63HRC/700BHN, supported in a martensitic matrix.

The mild steel backing plate is vacuum brazed to the white iron casting, giving a true metallurgical bond. Other backing plates, such as stainless steel, can also be used to suit the operating environment.

The standard backing plate is machined flat for quick attachment by welding or Hyster can supply blocks fitted with studs/bolts or drill holes/threads for easy installation and removal. When welding the backing plate to a surface, no pre heating or post heating is required.

A wide variety of laminated wear blocks are available, adapted for specific applications.

However, Hyster's laminated wear block products can be custom designed to meet any situation regardless of size and shape concerns. Hyster can also supply cut and shaped blocks to be strategically placed on equipment so that a unique, high performance wear package can be created to maximise service life.

Hyster Laminated Wear Block products offer superior wear life compared to Q&T bars, manganese steel and clad wear plates.

Typical Types/Shapes:

Standard Wear Bars             Skid Blocks

Shaped Wear Bars               Elbow Wear Bars

Roll Bars                      Microledges

Rockbox Liners                 Grizzly Bars



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